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Benefits of a sliding patio door

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Sliding patio doors are an exceptional way to improve the appearance of your home. They are beautiful, energy efficient, functional and above all else, enhance your living space. Compared to the garden/double door alternative, patio doors excel in practicality and functionality. Here are five reasons why:

1) Light

Sliding patio doors have a larger glass surface area compared to garden or double doors and therefore, provides considerably more natural light. The nature of these doors and the ratio of the glass surface area to the frame provide homeowners with an unobstructed view to the exterior.

Sliding door grey colour just installed

2) Space

Patio doors allow for considerably more living space as an alternative to garden/double doors. Both garden and double doors either swing inwards or outwards, limiting the space one may have in the interior of their home or their backyard especially in small homes on small lots. Patio sliding doors are designed to maximize your space in your home, allowing you to keep full control of your home’s interior and exterior.

Sliding door white colour just installed

3) Security features

Modern sliding patio doors have a plethora of safety features to ensure you and your family’s security is never compromised. These features include:

- Kick locks

- Top locks

- Security bars

- Multi point lock(s)

4) Energy Efficiency

Our patio doors feature high performance Low-e glass for maximum energy efficiency. The Low-e glass has a special coating that reflects heat and UV rays, keeping your home cool in the summers and preserving the heat in your home in the winters.

In addition, since the patio doors allow more natural light, homeowners will need less electricity for lighting up their homes.

5) Functionality

Patio sliding doors are easy to operate and maintain. You can leave your door open for superior air circulation while keeping the mesh screen closed to prevent any unwelcome bug visitors. Whether it is to allow the breeze into your home for a breath of fresh air or to cool off in a hot summer day, patio doors provide all the ease of a window except as a door!

Sliding door, iron ore colour, just installed

Here at Tricity windows and doors we sell and install superior patio doors. Our installers’ years of expertise in cut-outs, enlarging or creating new openings allow for us to be flexible in achieving the design of your dream home!

Whether you wish to replace your current patio door or enlarge/create new openings to install a patio door, please call us and we will gladly get you started with your project.

Call us now for your free in home consultation: 519-721-2924


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