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Canada Greener Homes Program/HER+ Ending March 2024

In a pivotal announcement, the Canada Greener Homes program has set the stage for significant changes. Effective March 2024, new applications for 1st Audits will no longer be accepted, signaling a pause in response to the program's rapid success and the depletion of federal funding in less than three years.

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A Glimpse of the Future: The NRCan Green Plan

Amidst this transformative period, anticipation builds around the impending release of a national roadmap or green plan by the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). The specifics, particularly the potential inclusion of an Energy Audit component, remain veiled in secrecy. However, stakeholders and homeowners alike can expect comprehensive guidance as the details unfold.

Enbridge Gas: Stepping into the Future

What does this mean for Enbridge Gas and the Ontario market? Enbridge Gas has proactively affirmed its commitment to sustainability. Post the current initiative (HER+), a meticulous whole-home retrofit program is on the horizon. Encompassing Pre and Post Audits, this initiative underscores Enbridge Gas' dedication to a holistic approach to home energy efficiency. While the launch date remains a work in progress, efforts are underway to ensure a seamless transition and minimize any downtime between initiatives.

Navigating the Transition: What Homeowners Need to Know

For the time being, 1st Audits will continue until March 2024. Existing homeowners who have successfully undergone a 1st Audit can breathe easy; they remain eligible for incentives and will receive a reasonable timeframe for completing final audits. It's crucial to clarify that this directive exclusively impacts new homeowners seeking a 1st Audit.

In a reassuring development, the Canada Greener Homes $40k Loan remains unwavering and accessible. The familiar process of 1st and Final audits persists as prerequisites for loan access. Any alterations to this financial avenue will be communicated promptly to uphold transparency and clarity.


Anticipating the Future Announcement

Keep your eyes peeled for an imminent announcement from NRCan regarding the conclusion of the Canada Greener Homes Program. For immediate queries or concerns, a dedicated contact is available via phone or email.

In the midst of this transition, Enbridge Gas, in collaboration with industry stakeholders, remains committed to steering Canada toward a sustainable future. This shift signifies not an end but a transition—a stride toward continued innovation and progress in our collective journey towards greener living. Stay tuned for updates as we collectively shape the landscape of sustainability!

Act now, seize the opportunities, and remember, time is of the essence for homeowners looking to take advantage of this grant program. Stay tuned for updates as we collectively shape the landscape of sustainability!

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