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Modernize Your Home With Painted Window Frames.

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

TriCity Windows and Doors offers a wide selection of colours for your window frames to match the exterior or interior of your home and add to its overall curb appeal! Here are a few reasons as to why painted frames are a great way to customize your home's facade:

1. Keeping up with current trends:

Painted window frames are an emerging trend for home designers and builders that allows them to add that extra customization and WOW factor to new homes. The current trend amongst builders is to use painted frames in either black or gray to accent the home's windows improving curb appeal and really making it stand out and apart from older generation homes.

House with black frame windows

2. Improves and updates the exterior look of your home:

Designers and home developers are not the only ones who can take advantage of painted window frames! You can modernize the look of your house and truly add character by matching your window frames with your front door, a great way to make the façade of your home look homogenous or just choose a colour of your preference and we can make it happen for you. Painted frames allow you express your own uniqueness and style.

House with red frame windows

3. Design feature for the interior:

Painting the interior window frames of your home allow for unique and varied looks in your home that can accent furniture, clash or homogenize with the interior wall colours and add those finer details to make a house your home. Painted frames can freshen up your interior décor and make it extraordinary!

living space with big black window on the interior

4. Curb appeal enhancement:

Whether you're putting your home up for sale or completing a much deserved renovation, adding painted frames for your windows helps your home's curb appeal and will likely increase your home's resale value.

House with grey frame windows and doors

The experts at TriCity Windows and Doors are ready to help you design your dream home! Give us a call at (519) 721-2924 for a free in-home consultation.


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