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Steel vs Fiberglass door- What is a better door option?

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Your front entry door plays an immense role in the first impression people get when passing by your house. There is no doubt that choosing the right design and type will have a great impact on the curb appeal and functionality. Moreover, replacing your old front door with an energy efficient door not only improve your comfort but also add value to the house. Steel and fiberglass doors are the two most common types of front doors in the market.

Steel modern entry door

When choosing your next entry door you might want to consider the next factors:


Steel doors are prone to denting and scratching because of the thinner outer layer whereas fiberglass doors are not. However, this does not penetrate the inside of the door, making it a sturdy. If someone kicks in a steel door, they will make a dent, but the door will stand firm.

Visual Appearance

Although both steel and fiberglass doors have various designs and colors that can be custom matched to your home and desires. We find that Fiberglass doors have unique options and flexibility that aren’t available for steel. Fiberglass doors are available in several wood grain textures as well as several colors and stains. Therefore, fiberglass doors can reflect better your tastes and preferences.


A steel door is more affordable when compared to fiberglass.

Yet, nowadays the prices for fiberglass are more competitive than in the past and the gap been narrowed.

Energy Efficiency

Both fiberglass and steel doors are more energy-efficient than wooden doors. Fiberglass doors are more energy-efficient than steel doors due to the long lifespan and ability to work with the weather. They expand and contract accordingly to the temperatures outside without letting the controlled climate out of the home.


Maintenance is not extensive for either type of door. Although, some small tasks may need to be performed.

While it is recommended to clear coat fiberglass doors every two years to prevent peeling, caused by the weather and sun, Steel doors do not require any maintenance.

House entrance with new door

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