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Top reasons for getting new windows

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Homeowners are renovating their homes en masse, replacing kitchens, reworking backyards, tearing down walls and building new staircases but changing the windows in their homes always falls on the backburner. Many wonder if it is even worth investing their hard earned money to replace their older windows, with legitimate concerns about how long it would take to recoup the investment and if the benefits truly outweigh the cost.

Modern house with new windows

To assuage any fears and concerns, we have gathered useful information on the positives/benefits of replacing older windows with new, energy efficient windows.

1. Increased home value: Replacing old windows with new windows can add immense value to your home. Real estate reports show that you can expect high return on your investment by installing new, energy star windows. With the savings reflected in your monthly energy bill, the new windows will eventually pay for themselves and then some. Not to mention the beautiful new exterior look, adding resale value to your home!.

Modern house with new windows

2. Energy efficiency: Tricity Windows and Doors carry only energy star certified windows with advanced thermal glass units that will ensure to keep you comfortable and cozy all year round.

Our windows are double or triple glass, Argon gas filled and have multiple UV protective layers. These windows will reduce the load on the HVAC system as well as your energy bills in the long run. Our windows have the highest energy ratings on the market. Not only will you save on your utility bills but also put some cash back in your pocket by qualifying for the Home Greener grants rebate program. You can recoup up to $5000.00 back with the Home Greener grants rebate program.

3.Curb appeal: Replacing the windows in your home boosts and modernizes your curb appeal! TriCity Windows and Doors proudly carries a wide selection of window styles and various colours to ensure individual tastes and preferences are met.

New bay window and doors just installed

4. Low maintenance

Today's windows are designed to be low maintenance. The most popular windows nowadays are vinyl made windows. These windows do not warp and rot, they last longer than older window generations and do not require maintenance.

New double casement window, fully opened with curtains and picture on the side

5. Lifetime warranty.

New, white, vinyl windows have lifetime warranty provided. With lifetime warranty on your windows, you can have peace of mind for decades to come, knowing that you do not have to worry about malfunctioning windows and accompanying repairs.

Get a free estimate for your new windows today!

Are you thinking about investing in new windows? Give Tricity Windows and Doors a call at (519) 721-2924 for a free in-home consultation and estimate! Our experts will help you choose the windows you have always dreamed of.


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