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Cutouts, Cutdown and Close-Offs – Your Dream Home, A Reality

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Over the past decade, demand for window and door cutouts, cutdowns and expansions of existing openings have been rising as homeowners look to truly personalize their homes.

Growing trends see homeowners replace existing windows or doors in their home with larger openings for more natural light, openings for an extra door to the backyard or even to close up an existing door with a window. These changes allow for a wide range of customization to really personalize one’s dream home.

If you are looking for this type of project we will be delighted to help.

Here are the services we offer:

1. Enlarging the existing opening:

Whether you are looking to enlarge an existing window to allow for more daylight or change it into a sliding or entry door, we have the expertise to help! Our installers specialize in cutting brick, siding and even concrete foundations, exceling in getting the job done right aesthetically and structurally.

The process of enlarging window opening

2. Cut a new opening:

Looking to create a new opening to your backyard or add a window to a room that lacks natural lighting? Look no further! The team of experts at TriCity Windows and Doors will assist in planning the new opening, provide recommendations and closely work with you to ensure your dream becomes reality.

The process of creating new window opening

3. Cut an egress window:

In many older homes, egress windows were installed prior to modern regulations came into effect. As a result, these older egress windows lack the safety standards that are commonplace today. Even newer homes with owners who want to sublet their basements lack the necessary safety standards to receive approval for a subletting unit from the city. We can help with that! TriCity Windows and Doors has all of the tools at our disposal to make your basement into a renter’s unit by supplying egress windows that are up to code and installing them to ensure safety for the tenant and legality for the owner.

Creating egress window

4. Cutout and downsizing:

Not only do TriCity Windows and Doors installers excel at creating new entrances but also specialize in downsizing openings to best suit your needs. Those looking to change a door into a window or shorten an existing opening will have no worry or heartache getting it done with our team! Whether you’re in the planning phase or are ready to close off an opening for a smaller window, we can assist and make it as easy as possible for you!

Window after it was downsized

We are here to find the SMART solutions for your HOME and LIFESTYLE.

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