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Installation Preparation - What to Know and What to Do Prior to your Install Date

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

You have waited weeks and weeks for your windows and doors to finish manufacturing and just received a call with a scheduled installation date! Outlined below is all of the necessary information you may need to prepare your home for a window and/or door installation:

1. Remove Accessories From your Windows and Walls Near the Area of Installation:

Curtains, blinds, draperies, and shutters should all be removed from the windows that are to be replaced prior to the arrival of the installation crew. This would allow for the installer to quickly begin the installation without the hassle and worry of damaging your existing accessories .

It is also highly recommended to remove any wall décor, framed family photos or any accessories on the walls in the immediate area of the installation to ensure that nothing falls and is damaged during the installation.

2. Create a Clear Path

While replacing your windows and doors, the installers will be going back and forth, bringing in the new windows/doors and removing the old ones. To make the process smoother and faster, it is recommended that you clear a path for the installers for easier access to your windows and doors. To do so, please move any furniture located in the immediate area of the windows and doors that are to be replaced.

Window installer's in process of window installation

3. Apply Dust Covers to Furniture

As the installation progresses, dust and other dirt will likely begin to accumulate and spread around the areas of where the installers work. As such, clothes, furniture and other items in your home may become dirty, covered in the dust. To best avoid this, purchase dust covers or use existing bedsheets/cloth/fabric to cover all furniture around the install location to prevent your belongings from being directly exposed to the dust. This will save you considerable time cleaning after the installation as you wont need to deep clean the furniture.

4. Deactivate Any Alarm Systems

If you have alarm systems connected to your current windows or doors, it is crucial that you or a professional from a home security company disconnect the alarms and then reconnect them after the new windows and doors are installed.

Window installer's in process of window installation

5. Have your Locks/Doorbell ready

If you have purchased a new entrance door and have decided to supply your own set of locks and doorbell, ensure that it is ready for the install date.. Please be advised that we do not install camera doorbells as our installers are experts in windows and doors, not electronic video doorbells.. In the instance that your doorbell wires are in bad condition, the installer will let you know. If you desire, you can hire an electrician to fix the wires and install the new doorbell for you.

6. Trim your Landscaping if Necessary

Please trim bushes, trees and shrubbery that obscure the windows that are to be replaced in order to give the installation crew enough clearance to work on the exterior of the window. Installers need a clear and safe workspace to place their ladders to reach difficult areas. Bow and Bay windows especially may require even more room to work. Please check with your sales representative and installer if the additional space is required.

7. Plan a Space for the Installers to Work

Installers need to park their vehicle and trailer as well as set up their equipment when they arrive. They also need access to electrical outlets for the heavy machinery they use. Kindly move your vehicles to allow for the installers to park on your driveway. In addition, you may want to make a room in your garage in case of rain or snow to allow for a safe and dry place for using their machinery to do any cutting of interior/exterior trim, casings, etc.

Window installer's in process of window installation

8. Water Damaged Plaster or Drywall

If around your current windows there is visible water damaged plaster or drywall, it will most likely fall out either during the installation or not too long after. Our installers may assist you with fixing the drywall but we do not specialize in plaster. Once the installation is complete, you can choose to hire an expert to fix the damaged drywall. If drywall will fall out during the installation we can install new drywall for an extra charge but we do not mud or paint.

9. Special requests

If you have any special requests, please refer to the office or the installer prior to the installation and communicate your concerns and requests.

Additional Important Information:

Please be advised that our Installers will place drop sheets to protect your floors and they will clean the install area once the installation is complete. They will also remove all of the debris from the site unless otherwise specified or agreed.

Finally, we request that you be present once the is complete. The crew leader will want you to inspect the finished project to ensure your full satisfaction.

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