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Tips for successful Canada Greener homes application

The Government of Canada has recently introduced a new rebate program that aids homeowners with complete energy efficient overhauls of their homes, providing rebate packages to reimburse customers for their investments.

There are strict rules that homeowners are expected to follow to qualify for this program. Here at Tricity Windows and Doors, we want to assure that you have a smooth and successful application process. Below are several helpful tips that can help make this process much simpler:

1. The property has to be the primary residence of the homeowner. Whether you are a landlord renting your property or you just purchased a property for investment and are renovating it, you will not be eligible to take part in the Greener Homes Grant program.

2. You have to complete a pre-installation EnerGuide home evaluation. If the home retrofits are already completed and you have not had your home evaluated. you do not qualify for the grant. Please register for the grant prior to completing any upgrades in your home.

3. Ensure products/upgrades meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements: Each upgrade under this grant has specific requirements. Make sure you are eligible to participate prior to the home evaluation or else you will not receive your inspection fees back.

4.Greener Homes Grants loan- If you want to take advantage of the interest free loan under this program, please follow all application steps.

One common mistake homeowners make is not applying for the Canada Greener home grants first.

If you are not sure if you qualify for the grant or the loan, you can check your eligibility by clicking the link below:

Tricity Windows and Doors team is here to guide you through the whole process and assist you every step of the way in getting the right windows and doors for your home.

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