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Window Installation Types

Updated: Jan 18

Windows installation

There is a lot to consider when it comes to replacing your windows. While homeowners spend a great deal of time and effort learning about the different types of windows and their energy efficiencies, they often overlook the options available for the installation process. Choosing the right type of windows installation may have a huge impact on your home.

Proper Installation Means Everything!

Installation of your windows can impact your house immensely! If the installation is not completed to perfection, you may have issues with your windows in both the short and the long term. Some issues that arise from improper window installations include: a draft from your window, rain/water leakage, and difficulties when opening the window due to sagging.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to choose a company that has built their reputation for providing window installation services that are timely, affordable and are completed to perfection by employed professional installers who have decades of experience in window installations using the proper methods, tools and quality products.

Vinyl Window Installation

Retrofit VS Stud to Stud installation

There are two main types of installations:

1. Retrofit installation

2. Stud to stud installation (Full frame removal)

Provided below is a brief description of each method as well as their respective advantages and disadvantages.


This process of window installation involves replacing the window only, specifically the glass and frame around it. The installation can be divided into three simple steps:

1. Cut out the existing window leaving the original jamb and casing.

2. Installing the new window: This involves fully insulating the exterior frame of the window. Using foam, aluminum capping and caulking.

3. Finally, the installer must trim and connect the existing jamb to the new window.


- This method is the more affordable of the two options.

- Allows for you to keep the existing style of your home! Some houses have matching casings, jambs and baseboards all over the house. In this case, some homeowners don’t want to distract the existing setup on their interior. Retrofit installation allows them to do so.

- Your old blinds and shutters will fit back.


- Opening becomes smaller: Unlike stud to stud installations, the retrofit does not include the full frame removal and therefore, it creates a smaller opening. As a result, the window has less glass and more frame.

- If you have recurring issues with leaks, your windows are likely very old, or there may be signs of rot, this window installation isn’t the right fit for you. Your window may begin to sag and you will need to replace the windows again.

- Risk- When we perform retrofit installations, we are unable to see what is happening behind the frame. If there have been leaks in the past that have affected the wood frame behind the window it may be rotten. As we will not be able to see it, you take a risk that in the future your window may sag.

Vinyl window replacement

Stud to stud

Also known as a full frame removal. It is the complete replacement of your windows and includes the removal of your current window, jamb, frame and casing. A new, complete setup of the window, jamb, frame and casing will be installed.

We divide this process into four steps:

1. The removal of the window, jamb, frame and casing.

2. Thoroughly clean the studs and replace rotten wood if there is any.

3. Install the new window, jamb and frame.

4. Apply casing to finish interior and flashing or brick mold to finish exterior part. The process includes full insulation on the exterior part using foam and caulking.


1. Allows the installer to clean and inspect studs and ensure that there is no rotten wood that may cause sagging in the future. If there is rotten wood, it will be replaced.

2. Full frame removal enhances the energy efficiency of the windows, it allows to add more insulation, inspect studs to make sure they are good and install new jamb and frame.

3. New and fresh look! This type of window replacement ensures that all the parts fit perfectly together.